My name is Deborah South. I am an Authorised Marriage Celebrant residing in the coastal town of Lake Cathie, Port Macquarie.

I have all the necessary equipment to deliver wedding ceremonies, small or large, to any venue location: …. Beach, Reserve, Harbour, Restaurant, Garden, Home Setting, Private Venue to name a few.

I create ceremonies which represent your relationship, uniquely personalised to you both, filled with love and precious memories of your yesterdays, leading you both to the path of marriage.

I work with my couples to create a breathtaking ceremony that will transport them both on a journey to a future of togetherness and unity.

I believe every couple, regardless of gender or religion, has the right to declare their love publicly in a legally recognised wedding ceremony.

Your Wedding Day should be one of your most memorable days, all for the right reasons.

I offer a point of difference experience, providing meaningful and personalised ceremonies from the heart. Which ever style wedding ceremony you are looking for: … Elopement… Legal Only… Traditional… Modern… Unique… Surprise… any…my ability to comprehend your needs, ensures your ceremony is everything you wanted and more. I welcome the opportunity to assist you with a ceremony that reflects who you are as a couple.

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    Wonderful and Touching “Wedding Ceremony
    “We would like to send our heartfelt thanks to you for making our big day so memorable! Everyone thought the ceremony was wonderful and touching. We received so many compliments about the ceremony from friends and family, that some haven’t stopped raving about how it was “the wedding of the year”, which wouldn’t have been possible without you going out of your way to make it a very special day for us. You are a fantastic person with a wonderful caring heart and your sense of humor brightened our day and helped us to get through it with minimal if any nerves and tears only shed from our laughs and smiles!! With you being there it felt as though you were more like family to us than our Celebrant! You made the entire process so unbelievably easy for us, and we couldn’t be any more grateful for that! Thank you and we will definitely be continuing to refer you to family and friends!”

    ~Rebecca & Yuta~
    Wedding 27th Sept 2014

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    The Most Amazing Experience we have ever had.
    “When we made the decision of getting married, we wanted our celebrant to be someone who made it personal, who understood our connection and love for our family. Upon meeting Debby, we knew she was the one for us. Debby took the time to understand us, ask questions that made it more suitable to us and what we wanted and not only did we receive the most personal tailored made experience but it was like Debby just “knew” us. The organisation, the rehearsal, the ceremony and the reception was amazing and with Debby taking care of absolute everything made it incredibly special and we are so glad we found her”

    Debby, we would like to take the opportunity to thank you, from the bottom of our hearts, from our family and friends on the day and also for including our son in such a special way, we are eternally grateful. You made a very busy time, flow with ease and the most amazing experience we have ever had. Thank you for being you and everything we needed and wanted and more. We would happily recommend you to anyone. When we renew our vows we will call on you for sure!

    ~All our love, Peter & Krystal~
    Wedding 29th Aug 2015 Sydney Harbour

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    Wealth of Knowledge and Expertise
    Deb was a fantastic celebrant who went above and beyond. We were organising a surprise wedding and she really helped us get our plans together and was so patient and accommodating. With a wealth of knowledge and expertise she was definitely a strong asset to have around for our special day.

    ~Jess & Alex~
    Wedding 9th Jan 2016~

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    Very Accommodating
    Thank you so much for being our Celebrant for our Wedding Day. You did the most incredible job making our day as beautiful and relaxed as we had envisioned. Your ideas and advice were incredibly helpful to us when we were unsure and you were very accommodating in our ideas. We were very lucky to have you marry us.

    ~Jade & Simon~
    Wedding 6th Feb 2016~

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    Ceremony Turned Out Perfectly
    Thanks Debby for being a part of our special day. Your calm approach to everything made you the right fit for our special day. The ceremony turned out perfectly. Thanks for offering to even do the ceremony in the rain to give me my wharf wedding. Luckily the rain held out for us. Thank you for also being our MC for the evening, your little trivia facts on marriage gave the night a little something extra to keep it flowing. We appreciate everything you did for our special day

    ~Lauren & Ben~
    Wedding 17th April 2016~

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    Debby Transformed our Day into the Most Happiest and Treasured Day .
    Thank you so very much Debby for making our day a happy one. It was so nice to hear our guests say it was the most friendly wedding they had attended, probably because it was very small and friendly, and most of all such a happy occasion. Our thanks also go to your husband, quietly in the background, you both are truly a team and an excellent example of togetherness for all of us.

    From our simple registry wedding that we planned, meeting you Debby transformed our day into the most happiest, and treasured day that we could ever of hoped for. We can not thank you enough for your professionalism, knowledge and infectious personality. You provided the structure for us to build on within the ceremony to truly make it our very own special day.

    Debby without your help and bubbly personality, we would have had a “Plain Jane” wedding. Instead we had an amazing day to cherish forever. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We would highly recommend you to other couples wanting to get married.

    ~Felicity & Jim~
    Wedding 25th Nov 2017

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    Thrilled With Our Personalised Ceremony
    We were thrilled with our personalised ceremony Debby created and delivered, it included multi-cultural touches with a touch of humour. Since the wedding, all our guests have positively commented on our ceremony, which Debby created from only one meeting.

    Debby came into our home and we jelled, chattered and laughed on how to implement various elements into the ceremony. It seemed there was no limits in what Debby would have done to provide a memorable day for us and our guests.

    We both highly recommend Debby to anyone who wishes to be joined in marriage.

    ~Steven & Luciano ~
    Wedding 14th April 2018~

    Wedding Guest Comment – The Celebrant Was Amazing
    Most astounding Wedding I have ever been to. Introducing the wonderful Mr Luciano and Steven. Started off with a magnificent view from Leura in the Blue Mountains, followed by a beautiful 3 course meal, and their exquisite hospitable welcomes at the Dinner Table .

    The celebrant was amazing with her eye for detail, mixing the history and bond with each other. Including in her speech from Luciano which was an Italian wine which he shared with his life partner Steven She entered : Wine is symbolic of life, both bitter and sweet, the hard times and the good times, both joining, and also within added the John/Yoko poem .

    These Words can not express even a short depth of my gratitude for being invited to this and experiencing this moment for you both.
    Thank you
    ~ Jesse ~

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    Caring and Sincere.
    Bob is really good since you married us, it’s like he has a new lease on life. I want to thank you for not charging Bob. He thought that was the nicest thing anyone had done for him.

    Thank you again. You are a most beautiful person, you are the right person for the job you do, caring and sincere.

    ~Lots of love Diana and Bob~
    Wedding 9th Nov 2018

    Response From Celebrant
    Thank you Diana and Bob, I was so happy that I was in a position to be able to reunite the both of you in Marriage. Bob has done his fair share for Australia, as a Vietnam War Veteran, it was nice to be able to give back a little. Love Debby.
    (This Wedding was processed under a shortening of time)

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    Debby Constructed The Most Beautiful Sentiments – I Was Left Speechless.
    The past 12 months of wedding planning had been such a whirlwind, so many choices and things to consider which would ultimately contribute to the success of our day. Choosing a wedding celebrant who was the right fit for us was probably one of the most difficult parts.

    Since we are on the central coast I initially thought I wanted someone local. I received numerous recommendations and every time I looked at the celebrant profiles or online testimonials I didn’t feel that connection. It was the day when I had just finished looking at another disappointing video in my mum’s kitchen that mum recommended Debby.

    Debby had been the celebrant at a family friends marriage & came highly recommended from them so I knew that was a good start. It was only upon the first meeting when Debby walked through our front door that I knew she was the one…A beautiful presence and warm welcoming hello which put me at instant ease. The initial meeting with Debby had me on an emotional roller coaster, I laughed and cried whilst reflecting on the massive commitment we were entering into. Debby was comforting, informative, supportive and so well prepared. I always wanted someone who I could connect with to marry us and not just a stranger with a qualification, after 3 hours Debby felt like family. From start to finish her communication was incredible. She was patient with us and understanding of our circumstances, she was never pushy and nothing was too much trouble, she went above and beyond.

    The amount of time Debby put into our ceremony and making it so personal to us was something I never expected. She had listened to our couple story and constructed the most beautiful sentiments, I was left speechless.

    During the rehearsal Debby again was so well prepared and ready to answer all our questions. My now husband Andrew joked at the time that Debby should have organised the entire wedding she was so on top of it, everything typed out and the ceremony constructed to our specifications, we were all in awe that day!

    On the wedding day Debby was so professional, everything worked like clockwork, she was calm and engaging, the process was seamless. Debby’s passion for what she does really shows the person Debby is…a very kind and generous soul.

    I honestly cannot recommend Debby highly enough, we didn’t just find a celebrant that day but a life long friend…thank you Debby for who you are and all that you do xxx

    ~Sheridan & Andrew ~
    Wedding 10th Nov 2018~